Saturday, 18 September 2010

N U M E R O - [ 1 - OO]

So recently i went to my niece's birthday party where i was selected as the photographer :D. So i just wanted to put a few images up to show how i got on...dealing with KIDS! :p

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

N U M E R O - [ 1 - 7 ]

C . A . P

So this is my C . A . P final images, not the complete set as i will be posting them on flickr shortly, but these two are the images that i loved the most.
So in short, at the start of this project i chose to do fashion but every idea was going wrong and nothing would work. Therefore in the end i chose the wise move of switching genres to portraiture and i have to say its the best move i've ever done! I have never done portraits before so it was a challenge to make sure it all went smoothly and i had to make sure i researched on the genre before hand to see what makes a good portrait image.
After shooting this image i have really taken a liking for portrait photography. I think its going to be a massive switch within my photographic taste and style from now on.
I am really proud of these images as its not like my usual style, which is normally fashion photography.

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

N U M E R O - [ O N E - S I X ]

G A I A - P r O J E c T

These are the two main images from my Gaia project. the first is defiantly my favorite! With the theory of Gaia being about how the world will change its climate and atmosphere to sustain survival despite the human race being wiped out, i wanted to show the possibility of humanity getting a second chance, so i created a panoramic image that also works as a time line in its own way. On one side you have a bleak black and white image with a leafless tree to represent a dead world and on the other you have a colourful image of a person (my model) growing out of the ground to represent the rebirth.

The second image is a close up of my model. It is the image intended for the front cover of the magazine. I chose this image because it works as a fashion image as well as a feature and the magazine i chose is 'Dazed and Confused' so it fits well.

I feel that these images were a great step for me in my progression in photography as i was using 120 film and a Hasselblad camera on location, which i have never done, as well as creating a panoramic image, which was a real task putting together. In all i had alot of fun with this project.

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Saturday, 13 March 2010

N U M E R O - [ ONE - FIVE ]

P e r s o n a l P r o j e c t s

So since that its just a few months till...S U M M E R ! ! ! I have decided that i would like to still keep busy with my photography. Now i've always said, Every year, that i would do a project during the summer, but i have never really followed through with it. BUT this year it's all going down! I have come up with my own concept and i know exactly what iam going to do.

P R O J e C T - L A S T S u M M E R

My idea is to spend the summer capturing the youth of our generation and how they spend summer. Summer for a young person is a magical time and is something that is cherished dearly when old age hits and to reminisce on this part of our lives is also magical.
So i will shoot people from the ages of 1 8 - 2 2 during my summer adventures.
I will traveling alot during the summer going to Germany and Spain and also to music festivals. All of this will be be moments in which i can capture subjects. Also venturing in my own back garden, going up and down the country will prove to be as fulfilling towards my project.
So let summer begin and every moment counts!!!

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Thursday, 4 March 2010

N U M E R O - F o u r t e e n

L a u r a P a n n a c k

So the other day we had a guest speaker come in to give a talk on her ever growing career and to show us her work. Her name is Laura Pannack. She graduated from Brighton University about two years ago and has won several photographic awards.

When i first heard that she was coming to speak to our year i decided to check her body of work out and to honest, i really didn't like it that much. i felt it was very boring, lifeless and dull.
But ever since she spoke to us, my outlook in photography has changed, my style is changing and iam becoming a completely different photographer.

I realized that with my photography, i wanna be noticed for my work. When i first came to the university, i had it in my head that i wanted to be a fashion photographer and that's all i wanted. But lately i've come to realize how hollow fashion photography is. when people look at a fashion image they always say 'WOW, what a great image, i wonder who the model is?' and i want people to look at an image and say 'WOW, what a great image, i wonder who the photographer is?'
I've come to see that with commercial and fashion photography the artist gets little praise, but with artistic photography such as portrait (which is what ive decided to head towards now) people's heads start to turn and they start to ask who produced the image instead of who's in it.
I've also come to love Laura Pannack's work now. I feel its very artistic and overflows with
emotion, but also it has a strange element to it. Alot of her images leave the viewer questioning what their looking at and i think this leads to the excitement of an image.

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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

N U M E R O - X 1 1 1

Ok so lately ive been really busy with all sorts of work and planning. i've been working ideas on my C.A.P and my Digital Darkroom projects, but i've also been working on trying to get my images out into the worlds view. So to start my very own visual campaign i have created my own flickr account. So feel free to look at my images and see what ive been up to over the past 3 years. Also if you have a flickr account of your own, add me please and comment as i will return the flavor!

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

N U M E R O - 1 2

Suicide Girls - Photography

About a year ago, i was on holiday in America and i went to a borders book shop in the town i was staying. Every time i go into Boarders i spend WAY too much and this time was no exception. When looking around the store, normally in the art/photographic section, one book caught my eye. I had known previously about the Suicide Girls from the internet and i knew what they where about, so i decided to check the book out. from opening the first page i fell in love with it! Not just because of the gorgeous girls it showcased from all around the world lol , but also because of the photographic styles and because of the alternative modeling. It really is like a 'punk rock Vogue' with the way it consists of mainly nudist shoots, displaying piercings and body art, but the way its produced still contains a sense of class. I think the main reason i enjoyed this book was because it was something i could relate to with myself being covered in tattoos and piercings and this is defiantly something i look forward to be seeing more of.

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Thursday, 11 February 2010

N U M E R O - 1.1

So this week most of the course has gone on a trip to new york, but i chose not to as i had a lack of funds. Sure iam little annoyed, i mean its NEW YORK! But, i felt i could use this opportunity to go into the studio and shoot a few things. Also my girlfriend was over so lucky her i decided to put her in one, shes knows the precautions of being in a relationship with a photographer :P.
Also during this period, i teamed up with another student and good mate of mine, Matt Walden. he and i have been helping each other out with shoots, taking turns in assisting with each over, covering each other backs and making sure everything runs smoothly during shoots.

I am quite happy with the way the shoots turned out and i have some nice images to stick into my portfolio.
The first shoot, which was originally matts shoot, but after he finished i asked if i could take a few shoots. I decided i wanted a little different from his, so i tweaked up the lighting a few stops so that the light was bleaching over the subject. I had never attempted this, so for a first try, it turned out not too bad.
For the second shoot, i had recently purchased a magazine called 'Volt'. Its a huge Fashion magazine that is not stapled together and essentially can be modified into posters...AWESOME!
But for this edition the front cover image really stood out to me. its lighting was very obscure and the image had a very symmetrical feel to it, therefore i had to try it.

I achieved this look by using the the two large rectangular soft boxes each side of my subject.
I do feel however if the studio we had was larger i would have had a better out come, as we are very limited for space and that is why you have these weird triangle shapes in the background.

So everyone's busy in new york, but dammit iam staying busy too! ;)

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

N U M E R O - D I E Z

Well, back from the xmas holidays, with a fresh start and a new project, well two actually. The first is from the 'digital darkroom' assignment. Now we have the choice of an advertising option, which is for Sony, or the option for the book 'The Revenge of Gaia' which i chose.
These new projects are great because they offer alot more creativity compared to the last project.
So thinking about how i can approach the concept of Gaia, iam going to research into it, read some chapters of the book, look into other imagery of Gaia.
The first idea that came to mine was to show the Rebirth of humanity after Gaia and maybe have people growing out of the ground or something....who knows.
The second project is again set out with a number of options, which feature alot of different genres in photography. I have decided to go for 'Classic fashion' as its what i love to do and is the genre i am most accustomed to. Now i feel maybe should step out from my comfort zone, but i feel like i can build up from my past work on fashion by adding themes and story lines to it. Dealing with the idea of Classic fashion also gives me the freedom to explore into past cultures and looks, which is something i feel i could be very passionate about.
Iam really looking forward to seeing what i produce from this project and of course i'll keep you posted.

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Thursday, 21 January 2010

N U M E R O : I X

Can Anybody Be A Photography?

So recently my dad decided to purchase one of digital picture frames. Now this basically a picture frame of normal size 7'' inch, but you can upload as many pictures as you like using a usb memory stick. So with my dad being like he is and also as i expected, he uploaded a whole heap of past family pictures. With currently going home, i got see see some of the images he added, some of which are fresh to my face and one caught my eye. At first i had no idea it was me, until my mum pointed it out. It was an old pic of me as a wee baby with my dad assembling a nice little assortment of props.

Now i dont now about you, but this image really stands out to me. Whether its because it shows a brief insight into British culture, with Britain's youths starting to drink at such an early age these days or the fact that it shows a great sense of humor from my dad.
The way its composed just stands out too, with the way the bottles are layed out and the expression on my face...PRICELESS!
Good Job Dad!!!

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Saturday, 16 January 2010

N U M E R O : E I G H T

So, its just been my Birthday two days ago and my girlfriend got me the coolest present ever!! :D
A classic 1960's Diana Lomography Camera!! This is without a doubt the coolest present ever!!
i have always wanted a Lomo camera ever since i layed eyes on them. For those who dont know what a Lomo camera is, i'll explain. A Lomography camera is a classic medium format camera from the 1960's. it was dismissed by many, but considered a cult classic by others because of its plastic toy like body and weird imperfect images it produced. the images always came out over exposed and over saturated or doubled exposed. I just love this camera for its vintage and artistic vibe it has. Over the summer i feel i am going to crazy with this camera and produce as many images as possible!! ;)

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

N U M E R O : S e 7 e n


Time for another blog entry, so for this one i wanna basically show my excitement about the news i have just heard. That is this year they are bring back the almighty POLAROID INSTANT CAMERA!! WOOOOOoooo. i was so disheartened to learn two years ago that they had stopped the process of making Polaroid film as i had just purchased a Polaroid camera and was shooting left, right and center. Taking it to festivals, shoots friends and family, basically everything!
Instant Polaroid images are a beautiful thing, there's something very reminiscent about the look of them and the imperfect focus mixed with strange colours only adds to the effect they have.
One of my favorite images of all time is the Polaroid image of my girlfriend when i first went to her home town in Germany. It just brings back great memories :).
But this time around Polaroid is apparently going to reinvent its products. They are still bringing back the original instant film, but they are also making digital versions of Polaroid, where the camera has the classic look but also has a built in printer!!!

But the coolest thing that i heard, was that the handpicked personal artistic director of this relaunch is non other than L a d y G a G a herself! so by going by genius artist vision, i cannot wait to see how this product comes out!!!

New Polaroid models are due to hit the selves Autumn 2010.

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Sunday, 3 January 2010

N U M E R O : V I

R e a d y t o P o P !

For this entry i wanted to talk about this image i found awhile ago on Its an image taken by commercial photographer Michael Plescia.
when i first saw this image i honestly didn't know what to make of it, it was the first time i had seen an image like this. I mean to have a woman in at their most vulnerable state and then to have their picture taken, is something i was very skeptical about. But after looking at it in detail, i came to appreciate just how much beauty this image contains. Pregnancy is a very natural and beautiful thing, especially for a woman and the way this image is constructed, absolutely does it justice. The way the model is posed, just gives off a natural, relaxed and comfortable vibe. The coolest part of the of this image is how you have the contrast of colour to black and white. this image, for me, wouldn't have the same impact if it was in colour, but in black and white with the metaphoric comparison with the pink bubble gum, gives it this amazing and exciting look.
Every time i look at this image it amazes me and there's not too many images that give that impact.

You can check out the image and the artists other work at

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