Tuesday, 22 December 2009

N U M E R O : F ü N F

ok, so finally the technical workshops brief is...(drum roll) O V E R! And i got to say, i am very relieved by this. Even though i did learn a great deal from this unit, i feel that there are certain aspects of photography that i actually do not enjoy. There are some things from this project that i have really enjoyed and there are some skills which i have picked up that really have opened my eyes to new aspects of photography.
The basic idea of this brief was to go back to basics and learn the fundamental skills in photography that can make you, in the long run, a well rounded photographer, which is a cool thing. But one thing i have absolutely come to loath and that is film printing. The idea of being locked in dark room where you can see pretty much nothing and being absolutely careful that you dont expose your paper and ruin it as well as 100 other things you have to remember is not really my cup of tea! I feel that the hours of time spent trying to get a 'perfect' print, is something that can be done in 30 mins- 1hour on Photoshop. For me its an absolute time waster!!
But...on the bright side i have grown very found of film over the duration of this project. After seeing the outcome of using medium format cameras, i am amazed at my results. And there is also something very magical about film, the wait, the outcome, the look and the feel you get on first viewing it when scanned back in to digital. i have decided that from now on, i will try to shoot film as much as possible and try to avoid using digital as much as i can (except for test shoots).
I have just purchased a lot of 120 film from 7 day shop, which gives you a great deal i might add, and will be shooting in style soon ;)

P e a c e a n d L o v e

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

N U M E R O : 4 O U R

H O L A ! !
New blog entry...for this one i wanna talk about a new photographer i discovered. because of being a studying photographer, i am always looking out for new artists, for inspiration or ideas. so the other day when i was researching a few things for my essay that writing, i discovered the work of Dan Monick. looking through his work i was amazed and truly impressed about the large quantities of good work he is producing. His style is very mixed and he doesn't like to stick to one kind of genre. But you can still pin point a certain way he goes about producing his work. A lot of his work is a combination of fashion, portraiture, documentary and an outlook on modern culture.
this kind of hybrid of styles is the kind of work that i love! Its soo inspiring and its the kind of work that i would love to produce. The way he documents modern culture and gives it this reminiscent, optimistic feel, its kind of like looking back at images that you've lived in your teens and wished you could go back.
T r u l y A m a z i n g . . .

If you like the look of his work, go check out the rest at his web site!


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Friday, 11 December 2009

N U M E R O : 3

so, its almost time for all the projects to be handed in and everything to me is going very well so far (touch wood ;p). What i thought id do for this blog entry is to post 2-3 images from my technical workshops/digital imaging projects and show what i've been up to.
The first set of images is from the technical workshops project and consists of a landscape location image with a model subject located within. When i first thought about this part of the project, i had my mind set that i wanted to shoot it in the back garden of my house. luckily for me, my garden is rather large and very well laid out. There is also a large tree at the center back of the garden and its there is one large branch that very oddly hangs off to the side, creating a sort of framing for my subject, in my mind, this seemed like a perfect spot...
The only problem is that the every single day i picked to shoot, it was delayed because of weather conditions being so poor. so in the end i got so aggravated i decided to shoot somewhere else.
thinking on my feet i decided to quickly set up in my living room, as the light coming in from the blinds had a great effect and gave the room a very soft lighting touch to the room.

so as soon as i shot the image on 5x4, i was itching to get the filmed scanned in so could have a digital version. as you can see it came out very well. if i could do it again i would get the framing correct, as i misjudged it on the 5x4 camera.
Of course i am going to shoot again outside in the garden, as it is a location too good to miss out on.
My second image comes from the digital imaging project we were given. now it took me a long time to come up with an idea for this shoot, as the theme was incongruous, meaning does not fit. So the concept i came up with was to produce an image that went along the lines of the book of NARNIA. the idea of a wardrobe opening up to another world. the problem was since i could not get a wardrobe into the studio, i used a chest of draws. After shooting this i decided that i wanted waves of water crashing out from the opened draw.

After >MANY< hours of editing i finally managed to create the effect of the waves aggressively attacking the draw, i even managed to create shadows in places i assumed they were to be, this is something i had never done before. I was sooo pleased with my outcome!!! time well spent.
I can see that all of the Photoshop classes i attended really paid off ;).

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

N u m e r o : T w o

OK, so throughout this technical workshops project we've had alot of tasks to handle, shoots in the studio using a variety of lighting methods and formats. the same goes for location. we are asked to produce one image on medium format 5x4 film, 35mm film black and white shoot and a shoot on digital to show the method of using fill-in flash.
Now its been a while since i used fill-in flash, not since my college days, but i decided to fire away and see what i end up with. the location i decided was going to use the front room of my house, with the light coming in through the bay window.
Now it turns out the i did this shoot wrong, all i did was produce quality images, but missing the aspect of the fill-in flash.
Well after editing these images i decided that i really liked the images and i am looking at them as a step forward in terms of a good fashion image and will be adding them to my portfolio.
see what you think.
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Sunday, 29 November 2009

T h e A l p h a


OK since this is my very first post, i decided that it seemed ideal to start with a post about my
favorite photographer. He has inspired me greatly for the past few years and i have been
following his work since hi
s recent rise in the world of photography. This of course is
Akif Hakan Celebi.

When i first come upon his work i was blown away, his images are just full of different emotions
and his work in general can be explained as fashion expressionism. His documentary-style
fashion images have an almost 'Lomography' like quality to them, a dream light effect.

One thing that i love about his work, is that Hakan mainly uses ambient light within his shots, he
never uses studio flash. to me this is incredible and is something that i would love to master, the
art of creativity with ambient light.

If you do not already know about this photographer, i urge you to go and check out his body of




For the first part of the year, i am going to try to use more ambient lighting within my shots as i
feel i would love to master this technique.
Whether or not it will work?...i'll keep you posted ;)

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