Saturday, 13 March 2010

N U M E R O - [ ONE - FIVE ]

P e r s o n a l P r o j e c t s

So since that its just a few months till...S U M M E R ! ! ! I have decided that i would like to still keep busy with my photography. Now i've always said, Every year, that i would do a project during the summer, but i have never really followed through with it. BUT this year it's all going down! I have come up with my own concept and i know exactly what iam going to do.

P R O J e C T - L A S T S u M M E R

My idea is to spend the summer capturing the youth of our generation and how they spend summer. Summer for a young person is a magical time and is something that is cherished dearly when old age hits and to reminisce on this part of our lives is also magical.
So i will shoot people from the ages of 1 8 - 2 2 during my summer adventures.
I will traveling alot during the summer going to Germany and Spain and also to music festivals. All of this will be be moments in which i can capture subjects. Also venturing in my own back garden, going up and down the country will prove to be as fulfilling towards my project.
So let summer begin and every moment counts!!!

P e a c e a n d L o v e

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