Thursday, 11 February 2010

N U M E R O - 1.1

So this week most of the course has gone on a trip to new york, but i chose not to as i had a lack of funds. Sure iam little annoyed, i mean its NEW YORK! But, i felt i could use this opportunity to go into the studio and shoot a few things. Also my girlfriend was over so lucky her i decided to put her in one, shes knows the precautions of being in a relationship with a photographer :P.
Also during this period, i teamed up with another student and good mate of mine, Matt Walden. he and i have been helping each other out with shoots, taking turns in assisting with each over, covering each other backs and making sure everything runs smoothly during shoots.

I am quite happy with the way the shoots turned out and i have some nice images to stick into my portfolio.
The first shoot, which was originally matts shoot, but after he finished i asked if i could take a few shoots. I decided i wanted a little different from his, so i tweaked up the lighting a few stops so that the light was bleaching over the subject. I had never attempted this, so for a first try, it turned out not too bad.
For the second shoot, i had recently purchased a magazine called 'Volt'. Its a huge Fashion magazine that is not stapled together and essentially can be modified into posters...AWESOME!
But for this edition the front cover image really stood out to me. its lighting was very obscure and the image had a very symmetrical feel to it, therefore i had to try it.

I achieved this look by using the the two large rectangular soft boxes each side of my subject.
I do feel however if the studio we had was larger i would have had a better out come, as we are very limited for space and that is why you have these weird triangle shapes in the background.

So everyone's busy in new york, but dammit iam staying busy too! ;)

P e a c e a n d L o v e

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