Thursday, 4 March 2010

N U M E R O - F o u r t e e n

L a u r a P a n n a c k

So the other day we had a guest speaker come in to give a talk on her ever growing career and to show us her work. Her name is Laura Pannack. She graduated from Brighton University about two years ago and has won several photographic awards.

When i first heard that she was coming to speak to our year i decided to check her body of work out and to honest, i really didn't like it that much. i felt it was very boring, lifeless and dull.
But ever since she spoke to us, my outlook in photography has changed, my style is changing and iam becoming a completely different photographer.

I realized that with my photography, i wanna be noticed for my work. When i first came to the university, i had it in my head that i wanted to be a fashion photographer and that's all i wanted. But lately i've come to realize how hollow fashion photography is. when people look at a fashion image they always say 'WOW, what a great image, i wonder who the model is?' and i want people to look at an image and say 'WOW, what a great image, i wonder who the photographer is?'
I've come to see that with commercial and fashion photography the artist gets little praise, but with artistic photography such as portrait (which is what ive decided to head towards now) people's heads start to turn and they start to ask who produced the image instead of who's in it.
I've also come to love Laura Pannack's work now. I feel its very artistic and overflows with
emotion, but also it has a strange element to it. Alot of her images leave the viewer questioning what their looking at and i think this leads to the excitement of an image.

P e a c e a n d L o v e

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