Thursday, 18 February 2010

N U M E R O - 1 2

Suicide Girls - Photography

About a year ago, i was on holiday in America and i went to a borders book shop in the town i was staying. Every time i go into Boarders i spend WAY too much and this time was no exception. When looking around the store, normally in the art/photographic section, one book caught my eye. I had known previously about the Suicide Girls from the internet and i knew what they where about, so i decided to check the book out. from opening the first page i fell in love with it! Not just because of the gorgeous girls it showcased from all around the world lol , but also because of the photographic styles and because of the alternative modeling. It really is like a 'punk rock Vogue' with the way it consists of mainly nudist shoots, displaying piercings and body art, but the way its produced still contains a sense of class. I think the main reason i enjoyed this book was because it was something i could relate to with myself being covered in tattoos and piercings and this is defiantly something i look forward to be seeing more of.

P e a c e a n d L o v e

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