Wednesday, 26 January 2011

N U M E R O - 2 1

T r i p

So recently our photographic department went on a trip to wales together. being there wasn't bad, getting to know everyone since i transferred universities. Only problem was that shooting wildlife and nature isnt really my cup of tea per say, so i was very uninspired. On the last day however, we played a group game called 'Photo sharades' , where we were given a name of a film and we had to produce a picture to go along with the film for judges to guess what film it was. I was given the film 'The Hangover' and this is my picture i set up...could you of guessed it?

N U M E R O - 2 0

D a r k N i g h t s . . . ( A r e F o l l o w e d B y B r i g h t e r D a y s )

I just wanted to add an image to my blog that i shot a month or so ago, it was snowing and it settled beautifully on the ground at night. so i had to take the opportunity to get MY version of a snowy scene :D. So i grabbed my gorgeous girl and made her stand in the cold modeling for me.
I really wanted a shot that represented contemplation and the fact everyone can feel alone an isolated sometimes in their life and i feel this is a natural process we all have to go through, hopefully with the end result being some sort of self evaluation ending in a strengthening on one self, in other words...through every dark night, there's a brighter day, so remain strong and no matter what happens, keep your head up.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

N U M E R O - O N E - N I N E


Ok, so the past couple of months i have kind of neglected this blog, which i never intended to do be cause i feel this is a way to vent my artistic expressions but also keep everyone who might view this blog an update of what iam doing.
So since September i have transferred Universities, from AUCB (Bournemouth) to Bedfordshire University, for several reasons, which i wont go into. needless to say, not my greatest choice in life academically as it seems my new university course has a budget of possibly £100 :/, but as far as my other reasons go iam happy.
BUT as its my last year, iam not letting it get me down and iam still shooting.
over the next couple of blogs i will update you on shoots i've done, ideas iam working on (mainly for my final major project and new inspirations and direction my work has taken.
To start with as you can see from my last blog i shot a childrens birthday party with an Alice in Wonderland theme. on the day i shot in two different styles, the first which i have posted, but the second i shot in a very obscure documentary style. I shot on my Olympus E1 DSLR, but with a film camera flash on top, this gave my images a very 70's feel to it and the outcome almost completely erases the adolescence from the children.

P e a c e a n d L o v e .