Saturday, 16 January 2010

N U M E R O : E I G H T

So, its just been my Birthday two days ago and my girlfriend got me the coolest present ever!! :D
A classic 1960's Diana Lomography Camera!! This is without a doubt the coolest present ever!!
i have always wanted a Lomo camera ever since i layed eyes on them. For those who dont know what a Lomo camera is, i'll explain. A Lomography camera is a classic medium format camera from the 1960's. it was dismissed by many, but considered a cult classic by others because of its plastic toy like body and weird imperfect images it produced. the images always came out over exposed and over saturated or doubled exposed. I just love this camera for its vintage and artistic vibe it has. Over the summer i feel i am going to crazy with this camera and produce as many images as possible!! ;)

P e a c e a n d L o v e

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