Thursday, 5 May 2011

N u m b e r - 2 7

W e b s i t e

I actually have a website now! wooo! i have wanted an online portfolio for some time now, but i have never sat down and actually made one, but the wait is now over. it features all of my most recent work over the past year at uni and how i am now focusing my work on portraits and its a genre i want to stick to now.

check it out!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Friday, 15 April 2011

N u m b e r - 2 5

So the end of this year is creeping up pretty fast...and so is my Final Major Project! argghh
But i've actually come up with a concept, its called A Wall Between. and heres the brief i've come up with...

The study of 6 neighbors that live in similar houses, semi detached, with layouts almost exact to each other, but yet the insides of the houses completely differ from each other, they are homes. Every person or couple has their own unique style and taste and this project is a photographic study to show how different people can be from everyone else by taste and life-style.

i will create a series of environmental portraits to illustrate the person/persons who inhabits the house, with every person/persons being named by their house number, but also the portraits will depict the kind of person they are, whether it be in posture, gesture or facial expression, but also the style of clothing, the style of the room they inhabit or the life style they lead due to the objects, furniture and possessions they own.

The idea of this project is to bring together a collective of people who may live completely different life styles, whether it be religion, marital status, life style, sexual preference or age. It’s a project to show how different someone’s life can be from your own and all that separates you is a wall.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

N u m b e r - 2 4


Fujifilm Senses

Recently as part of our WRJ's we have to enter 3 competitions, when i heard of this i actually got quite excited! i've never actually entered any photographic competitions seriously before, except for one in college, but to be honest i was crap back then and it did not count. so i thought for a starting point, i'll go back to the one i entered to begin with and actually give it a real go instead of shooting some crappy pic of racially aware jelly babies i did last time! lol

so for my image iam going to enter, i was recently in London on a uni trip and it was at xmas time, and i shot this image of the xmas lights and decoration in Carnaby street.
the theme this year for fujifilm is actually "Sen5es", which is different to normal as they usually are based on book covers. so when taking this image, i realized that my senses were actually in play, i was using my sight to take the image, i could hear xmas jingles and the sound of people rushing around doing their xmas shopping and i could smell the cold, sharp xmas air. so in a way, my senses actually made this image possible and this image now conveys a sense of feeling, feeling xmas woo

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

N U M E R O - T w e n t y T w o

H o w T o D e s t r o y A n g e l s - T h e S p a c e I n B e t w e e n

Lately i have been looking into films and how they relate back to photography. The way that they are lite or how the shots are composed in such away that if stopped, the shot itself could become a photographic image.
I came across this short film by a musical collective called 'H o w T o D e s t r o y A n g e l s' for their single 'T h e S p a c e I n B e t w e e n'. I was so impressed about how the film was made i had to make a post about it. The way that its done, where the video's pace is slow and their is only subtle movements by the subjects or the interior, its outstanding. The composition is perfectly executed and every clip could become a beautiful photographic image.
Watch .

P e a c e a n d L o v e

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

N U M E R O - 2 1

T r i p

So recently our photographic department went on a trip to wales together. being there wasn't bad, getting to know everyone since i transferred universities. Only problem was that shooting wildlife and nature isnt really my cup of tea per say, so i was very uninspired. On the last day however, we played a group game called 'Photo sharades' , where we were given a name of a film and we had to produce a picture to go along with the film for judges to guess what film it was. I was given the film 'The Hangover' and this is my picture i set up...could you of guessed it?

N U M E R O - 2 0

D a r k N i g h t s . . . ( A r e F o l l o w e d B y B r i g h t e r D a y s )

I just wanted to add an image to my blog that i shot a month or so ago, it was snowing and it settled beautifully on the ground at night. so i had to take the opportunity to get MY version of a snowy scene :D. So i grabbed my gorgeous girl and made her stand in the cold modeling for me.
I really wanted a shot that represented contemplation and the fact everyone can feel alone an isolated sometimes in their life and i feel this is a natural process we all have to go through, hopefully with the end result being some sort of self evaluation ending in a strengthening on one self, in other words...through every dark night, there's a brighter day, so remain strong and no matter what happens, keep your head up.