Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Friday, 15 April 2011

N u m b e r - 2 5

So the end of this year is creeping up pretty fast...and so is my Final Major Project! argghh
But i've actually come up with a concept, its called A Wall Between. and heres the brief i've come up with...

The study of 6 neighbors that live in similar houses, semi detached, with layouts almost exact to each other, but yet the insides of the houses completely differ from each other, they are homes. Every person or couple has their own unique style and taste and this project is a photographic study to show how different people can be from everyone else by taste and life-style.

i will create a series of environmental portraits to illustrate the person/persons who inhabits the house, with every person/persons being named by their house number, but also the portraits will depict the kind of person they are, whether it be in posture, gesture or facial expression, but also the style of clothing, the style of the room they inhabit or the life style they lead due to the objects, furniture and possessions they own.

The idea of this project is to bring together a collective of people who may live completely different life styles, whether it be religion, marital status, life style, sexual preference or age. It’s a project to show how different someone’s life can be from your own and all that separates you is a wall.