Wednesday, 6 January 2010

N U M E R O : S e 7 e n


Time for another blog entry, so for this one i wanna basically show my excitement about the news i have just heard. That is this year they are bring back the almighty POLAROID INSTANT CAMERA!! WOOOOOoooo. i was so disheartened to learn two years ago that they had stopped the process of making Polaroid film as i had just purchased a Polaroid camera and was shooting left, right and center. Taking it to festivals, shoots friends and family, basically everything!
Instant Polaroid images are a beautiful thing, there's something very reminiscent about the look of them and the imperfect focus mixed with strange colours only adds to the effect they have.
One of my favorite images of all time is the Polaroid image of my girlfriend when i first went to her home town in Germany. It just brings back great memories :).
But this time around Polaroid is apparently going to reinvent its products. They are still bringing back the original instant film, but they are also making digital versions of Polaroid, where the camera has the classic look but also has a built in printer!!!

But the coolest thing that i heard, was that the handpicked personal artistic director of this relaunch is non other than L a d y G a G a herself! so by going by genius artist vision, i cannot wait to see how this product comes out!!!

New Polaroid models are due to hit the selves Autumn 2010.

P e a c e a n d L o v e

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