Sunday, 6 December 2009

N u m e r o : T w o

OK, so throughout this technical workshops project we've had alot of tasks to handle, shoots in the studio using a variety of lighting methods and formats. the same goes for location. we are asked to produce one image on medium format 5x4 film, 35mm film black and white shoot and a shoot on digital to show the method of using fill-in flash.
Now its been a while since i used fill-in flash, not since my college days, but i decided to fire away and see what i end up with. the location i decided was going to use the front room of my house, with the light coming in through the bay window.
Now it turns out the i did this shoot wrong, all i did was produce quality images, but missing the aspect of the fill-in flash.
Well after editing these images i decided that i really liked the images and i am looking at them as a step forward in terms of a good fashion image and will be adding them to my portfolio.
see what you think.
P e a c e a n d L o v e

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