Wednesday, 16 December 2009

N U M E R O : 4 O U R

H O L A ! !
New blog entry...for this one i wanna talk about a new photographer i discovered. because of being a studying photographer, i am always looking out for new artists, for inspiration or ideas. so the other day when i was researching a few things for my essay that writing, i discovered the work of Dan Monick. looking through his work i was amazed and truly impressed about the large quantities of good work he is producing. His style is very mixed and he doesn't like to stick to one kind of genre. But you can still pin point a certain way he goes about producing his work. A lot of his work is a combination of fashion, portraiture, documentary and an outlook on modern culture.
this kind of hybrid of styles is the kind of work that i love! Its soo inspiring and its the kind of work that i would love to produce. The way he documents modern culture and gives it this reminiscent, optimistic feel, its kind of like looking back at images that you've lived in your teens and wished you could go back.
T r u l y A m a z i n g . . .

If you like the look of his work, go check out the rest at his web site!

P e a c e a n d L o v e .

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