Friday, 11 December 2009

N U M E R O : 3

so, its almost time for all the projects to be handed in and everything to me is going very well so far (touch wood ;p). What i thought id do for this blog entry is to post 2-3 images from my technical workshops/digital imaging projects and show what i've been up to.
The first set of images is from the technical workshops project and consists of a landscape location image with a model subject located within. When i first thought about this part of the project, i had my mind set that i wanted to shoot it in the back garden of my house. luckily for me, my garden is rather large and very well laid out. There is also a large tree at the center back of the garden and its there is one large branch that very oddly hangs off to the side, creating a sort of framing for my subject, in my mind, this seemed like a perfect spot...
The only problem is that the every single day i picked to shoot, it was delayed because of weather conditions being so poor. so in the end i got so aggravated i decided to shoot somewhere else.
thinking on my feet i decided to quickly set up in my living room, as the light coming in from the blinds had a great effect and gave the room a very soft lighting touch to the room.

so as soon as i shot the image on 5x4, i was itching to get the filmed scanned in so could have a digital version. as you can see it came out very well. if i could do it again i would get the framing correct, as i misjudged it on the 5x4 camera.
Of course i am going to shoot again outside in the garden, as it is a location too good to miss out on.
My second image comes from the digital imaging project we were given. now it took me a long time to come up with an idea for this shoot, as the theme was incongruous, meaning does not fit. So the concept i came up with was to produce an image that went along the lines of the book of NARNIA. the idea of a wardrobe opening up to another world. the problem was since i could not get a wardrobe into the studio, i used a chest of draws. After shooting this i decided that i wanted waves of water crashing out from the opened draw.

After >MANY< hours of editing i finally managed to create the effect of the waves aggressively attacking the draw, i even managed to create shadows in places i assumed they were to be, this is something i had never done before. I was sooo pleased with my outcome!!! time well spent.
I can see that all of the Photoshop classes i attended really paid off ;).

P e a c e a n d L o v e .

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