Tuesday, 22 December 2009

N U M E R O : F ü N F

ok, so finally the technical workshops brief is...(drum roll) O V E R! And i got to say, i am very relieved by this. Even though i did learn a great deal from this unit, i feel that there are certain aspects of photography that i actually do not enjoy. There are some things from this project that i have really enjoyed and there are some skills which i have picked up that really have opened my eyes to new aspects of photography.
The basic idea of this brief was to go back to basics and learn the fundamental skills in photography that can make you, in the long run, a well rounded photographer, which is a cool thing. But one thing i have absolutely come to loath and that is film printing. The idea of being locked in dark room where you can see pretty much nothing and being absolutely careful that you dont expose your paper and ruin it as well as 100 other things you have to remember is not really my cup of tea! I feel that the hours of time spent trying to get a 'perfect' print, is something that can be done in 30 mins- 1hour on Photoshop. For me its an absolute time waster!!
But...on the bright side i have grown very found of film over the duration of this project. After seeing the outcome of using medium format cameras, i am amazed at my results. And there is also something very magical about film, the wait, the outcome, the look and the feel you get on first viewing it when scanned back in to digital. i have decided that from now on, i will try to shoot film as much as possible and try to avoid using digital as much as i can (except for test shoots).
I have just purchased a lot of 120 film from 7 day shop, which gives you a great deal i might add, and will be shooting in style soon ;)

P e a c e a n d L o v e

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